Active Care is our Remote Support service.

Active Care  Allows us to connect, see and maintain your PC remotely  and control your computer as if we were sitting in front of it. 

See and fix problems remotely and instantly
Avoid unplugging and bringing your machine in
Avoid call out charges
Password secured for your protection
Secure connection over the internet 
Optimised performance
Quarterly system Health Check-up available

   Simple   Secure    Reliable   Fast

How it Works

We install a small piece of software on your computer which puts a big red HELP button on your desktop. We have similar software on our support computer.

When you have a problem, call us as usual and ask for Active Care.
Then hit the big red HELP button on your screen.
We'll ask you to read us your ID Number and Password (both shown on your screen). We can't gain entry to your computer without those.
When we type those into our software... we have access to your screen, keyboard and mouse.

We see what you see, when we move our mouse - your mouse pointer moves.  When we type on our keyboard it's like were using yours.

It's just like we were sitting at your desk.

It makes fixing that problem you can't describe easy, you just show us what's not working and sit back and watch us fix it!   Fantastic!

Please come in and ask for an Active Care demo.   

*From less than a pound a week (your computer must be on and connected to the internet for this service to work).